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Make a Project at Home

The world is going through difficult times right now. Most businesses are closed, people are seeking other ways to make ends meet. Some people have jobs that allow them to work from home which does not interfere with their income stream. While others are confined to their home with little to do. Bored. How about making a project at home? That is right, a woodworking project.Woodworking 4

You may wonder, “where else would I make projects”? Well, I am glad you asked. Research has found that woodworking is not just a project for many people it may be a career or hobby. Woodworking projects for the home is a great way to boost your income while doing something fun that you love doing.

Fun Woodworking Projects

One of my best woodworking was a rocking chair when my wife was expecting our firstborn. Upon completion of the rocking chair my wife was in her seventh month. Her doctor had advised her to take it easy and semi bed rest. When I left for work Clarissa was up with the roosters, rocking in her rocking chair. When I got back from work she was still sitting and rocking in her chair. I know she was not in the chair all day but, it seemed like it.Rocking Chair 3

I told my wife that she was spoiling our child before he was born. Clarissa went to a meeting for expecting mothers and she talked about her rocking chair that her husband made for her then, she showed some pictures of the rocking chair. She came home excited, before I knew what was going on I had three orders for rocking chairs. I made each one different to create a style that was unique for each expecting mother. This was a fun woodworking project that I knew would be used over and over again.

DIY Easy and Beautiful

Let me tell you a story when my wife build a bookshelf headboard. Well, it was my project and Clarissa put the finishing touch and made it a masterpiece. I never saw the end project to be so Beautiful. I built a dual set bookshelf. When I came home Clarissa had the book shelves one on each side of our bed. She put some material on it to spice it up a bit.

She found a slab of wood in my supply and placed it across the top of both bookshelves. Of course, I had to secure the top part of wood. I would not want to take a chance of the wood falling and causing a surprise.bookshelf bed

I came home and saw what she had done and was amazed. She and I stood back and look at her masterpiece and decided to make a few adjustments went to the home improvement store and purchased some wood stain and paint to make the book case headboard match the rest of our furniture. This is one of my favorite do it yourself projects. I love making things that make people happy.

Home Made Woodworking Projects

People say all the time “Oh, that is homemade” that can be a good thing and sometimes a bad thing. In the beginning when you make your first home made project it may be on the “bad thing” side. {The expecting mothers did not think my amateur woodworking was a bad thing} But, as with anything else… the more you do it the better you get. So keep the projects from home coming.Rocking Chair 4

Like the order of rockers I made. By the time I completed the third rocker it was quicker, easier and just as fun to complete. All my projects are done in my spare time and you can create pretentious projects in your spare time too or you can make it a full time adventure.

People have been known to create unique items and sell them to neighbors, stores and even online orders for local customer so the finished product can be personally delivered. Which, in some cases, make repeat customers and long time friends. If the online order is not for local then, a plan and all the parts needed will need to be supplied for the customer receiving the order.

Keep in mine one of the best types of wood to use when making home made projects is Maple wood because it is beautiful, affordable and durable. Stained can be purchased to change the color of wood and is also know to be used to mimic other types of wood to give your project the desired look. Of course, you can always paint your project to the desired color of your choice,

Are You Semi-Quarantined to Your Home?

Now is the perfect time to find something to do at home because most of the world has been asked to stay inside and semi-quarantined themselves inside of their home. What better way to ameliorate your home decor, furniture, and crafts for the whole family to participate. Look around your home and find something that needs to be repaired then, search online for the same item.

Visit a few websites to get multiple prices for the same thing. Then do your research to find out what it would cost to actually make it yourself. You can call around to find out which home improvement store can help you decide what is needed and because you are confined to your home. Ask about free delivery options.

You will be amazed at your ability to make your own furniture at home instead of purchasing over priced furniture or any woodworking project. Each time you complete a project, have a yard sale and sell the first one as a steep discount but remember to have space for your profit.

You are doing all of this while staying home during the semi-quarantine in this “History Making COVID-19 Virus” era. So, when you tell the story to your great and great great grand children. You will be able to point to all the furniture and project that kept you sane during this famine and unforeseen times.

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  1. Great idea! Thank you because I started to not know what to do anymore during this quarantine! I’m glad I found your article, plus it was super fun to read with your personal story. 😊 I think I’ll start a wood project in the next few weeks, you gave me some great ideas, thanks!


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