Woodworking Plans for a Crib – DIY and Save Big Time!


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Need a Crib?

No, not the slang term for your home, but a real durable baby Crib. If only you Baby Crib 1knew of woodworking plans for a crib, that would be the answer to a silent prayer. Are you and your wife expecting a new addition to your family or maybe your little one has outgrown the baby crib he has had for about two years.

You know when your baby reaches new milestones in his life you get so happy. Rolling over from belly to back and back again, sitting up, crawling, walking while holding on to furniture, walking without support, saying a few words then the ultimate talking back and holding a real conversation.

One of the milestones is when you notice and say, “look he is trying to jump, but his feet are not leaving the floor” that is too funny. Then comes the day when you wish he did not learn how to jump because that is what he loves to do the most in his crib. You would think his crib is a trampoline or a children bounce house.

One day little Eli is jumping in his bed and just as you entered his room, you hear a loud bang. Your first thought is to wonder what happened as you hurry to Eli’s bed to make sure he is okay. You look and find Eli’s bed is leaning to one side and you lean down to look under the bed and see the wooden frame is broken, completely snapped.

Baby Crib 2Eli is okay, he stopped for a moment then he continued to jump on his bed as if nothing happened. Luckily his mattress was between him and his wooden bed frame.

How to Save by DIY

Just a few weeks ago, the transmission in your truck had to be replaced and now is not the time to purchase a baby crib. Thoughts go through your mind of what to do next. You and your wife think about allowing little Eli to sleep in the bed with you but that thought quickly goes out the window. You tell your wife, It should not be too difficult to repair it myself, I will just get another piece of wood to replace the broken wood and change it.

You go to your local hardware store and purchase a piece of wood with the same dimensions and bring it home to begin working on repairing the crib yourself. Baby Crib 3 diyYou carefully remove the screws and make marks on the new wood so you will know where to put the screws when you replace the wood then, here comes little Eli to help. He breaks your concentration and you stop for a moment to give him some attention.

Now, take a moment to stand back and admire your completed DIY project that you have put together – pat yourself on the back because that looks great. Think of all the money you have saved by spending some time doing your own woodworking. Whoo Hooo. Time to test out the repaired crib. You put little Eli in his crib and what does he do? He put the repair job to the test, with excitement he began to jump and play in his crib.

Woodworking Plans for Baby Bam Bam

Two weeks pass and the repair job for the crib is still holding up when suddenly, Baby Crib 6 Bam Bamthe bed is leading again. This time you think to yourself my son is like baby Bam Bam, “that kid does not know his own strength” and when he looks at you with his innocent eyes, you can not help but love him.

He is only two years old, so you know he is not breaking his bed intentionally. He whole heartily trust his parents will not allow him to get hurt, especially in his own bed. He is a happy child and is just having fun. If only there were some plans for making a durable baby crib with easy to follow instructions.

Big Time Savings with Woodworking Plans

No additional tools are needed. You realize most of the tools you need are already in your work space at home and all you need to do is get the plans. MoneyThe plans will tell you everything you need to complete the project. Go back to your local hardware store and get the rest of the parts {stronger screws, metal connector bar and some wood glue} that are listed.on the parts list then bring it home then re-do it yourself.

Think of the tremendous saving you have made, without paying for the labor of someone else. You will have the pleasure of doing that your self. That is absolutely wonderful

Conclusion – Brand New vs DIY

Did you know that baby beds can cost as much as an adult bed. The reason for the high cost is because there are baby cribs that grow with your child. The same crib can be converted to be used for infants to toddler to preschoolers and beyond.

The more the bed can do {like the 6-In-One} the more the bed will cost to purchase brand New and you will still have to put the bed together anyway. However, when you do it yourself you can create the bed specifically for your Baby Crib 4 Partschild. There can be adjustments to grown with your child as well or you can build a new crib for every stage of your child learning and development because you know your child is not going to be an only child for long.

When you purchase a new bed someone had to do exactly what you have to do to build it {or you will get a lot of pieces to figure out} but you will have to pay for someone to take the time to build it and get to your home in one piece that probably will not fit through the front door.

Baby Crib 7The bed you built yourself and with your family has more sentimental value and you will appreciate the joy you have built with the making the crib that little Eli can not destroy. Once you have built one crib, the second one will be easier, the third will be a piece of cake and the more you build the better you will be at making baby cribs and children beds.

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