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Three weeks earlier.

Are You Serious? Honey, What Are You Doing?

Mom walks in the door and finds Dad teaching their 8-year old son {Zach} how to shampoo the carpet. Yeah, that’s right. The handle of the shampooer is almost as Wood with Carpet Inlay - Child at worktall as Zach. Mom and her other children stand there for a while amazed and watching the guys clean the carpet. Wood flooring with carpet inlay.


Then Zach struggles to take the dirty water tank from the shampooer, spilling dirty water on the area that was just cleaned, to the toilet to empty it. Dad says, “that’s it son, you got it”. Mom shakes her head with discuss and she and the other children carefully tiptoe on the carpet (like going through a maze), and finally make their way to the bedrooms.

Mess to Miracle

Wood with Carpet Inlay - MessThe living room had all the furniture moved to one side, the entire room was in a shamble, except the area that was being cleaned, some things were put into other rooms they even had some stuff in the back yard. Mom just allowed dad to bond with his son as she thought, poor little Zach was actually doing all the work and he seemed to enjoy what he was doing. Dad told Mom that he and Zach have found a new way to spend quality time together and it gives Zach a sense of accomplishment. Mom went into the living room and looked around and was astonished how great the carpet looked.

What is Carpet Inlay?

Present day. Later that evening, Dad and Mom were talking about how great the carpet looks now. Dad said the high traffic area was the hardest to clean. Maybe we should get those plastic runners to put there. Then, when it gets dirty we canWood with Carpet Inlay - Plastic Runner just mop the runners and keep the carpet clean. Mom quickly agreed with Dad.

The next day Dad was surfing online for the plastic runner. There were so many – then he saw something more amazing. Carpet surrounded by hardwood. All the high traffic areas will be hard wood. Dad found pictures to show Mom how wood flooring with carpet inlay would look. Mom’s immediate reaction was the cost and then she said, “Although, it will cost more, it would look better and last longer. Let’s Do It!”

Making it Work – Come See This

The Measurements begins. Book of plans is ready, Dad decided to call a carpenter in to help with this new project. Dad made a diagram of how he wanted the carpet and wood to work together in his living room. The carpenter explained in detail what needs to be done and gave an approximation on how long this project would take and a quote for his assistance.

While the carpenter was looking around he found the book of plans and said you have all the instructions you need right here. Let’s work on this together and get it done in half the time.

The two sit down and discuss the ordinal process. First, the area of the carpet you want to keep must be secured. Then, we will cut around it and pull the carpet that will be replaced by hardwood. Depending on how your carpet was originally laid there may or may not be additional work needed. We will find that out once the carpet is pulled.

Dad’s response, “What if we put the hardwood on top of the carpet or the Wood with Carpet Inlay 2carpet padding to make it softer. You know, if the kids fall and bump their head.” The carpenter says, “That is not a good idea, you will need to clean the wood flooring and you do not want it to cause mold or mildew under the wood.”

But, Dad was adamant and insisted on placing the hardwood planks over the carpet for the safety of the children, not to mention that it will be faster and cost less as well. The carpenter advised that because of the plush of the carpet there will be a need to get plywood to place over the carpet before placing the hardwood and finally agreed to place the wood flooring over the carpet.

The Beauty of Two

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up.”

The project is near completion, Dad does not need his carpenter any longer. They worked well together and actually completed the project sooner than expected. Now, it is time to show off the design and finished product. Kids running and sliding in their socks. The carpet area is only under the sofa, love seat, coffee table and end tables area.

Mom is already thinking of having friends and family over to admire her new amelioration.

Here are some examples of two things that go well together:Wood with Carpet Inlay - Banana and Bacon

    • Soap and Water,
    • French Fries and Pickles,
    • Socks and Shoes,
    • Mango and Peanut Butter,
    • Peanut Butter in place of Mayo,
    • Pencil and Paper,
    • Potato Chip and Bread (Sandwich),Wood with Carpet Inlay - Fries and Pickles
    • Banana and Bacon
    • Avocado and Jelly
    • Wood Flooring with Carpet Inlay

… there are too many to mention.

OMG Our Living Room

“Look at our living room”, Mom said with excitement. It is amazing. Dad smiled with his own sense of accomplishment. He and Mom looked around and loved Wood with Carpet Inlay 1every thing that was done. Mom said now we need to get new living room furniture to match the hardwood and carpet inlay and that starts another argument again. Mom thought to herself. The only time we are not arguing is when I keep him busy on a project, lets see what else I can find for him to do. Then she chuckled louder than she expected. A new thought came to mind.. Oh no! Now, Dad will teach Zach how to mop and wax the hardwood floors. Another chuckle eased out.

Wood with Carpet Inlay - We're Listening

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    • Do you find that you and your spouse get along better when you are working on a project?
    • Do you think an 8-year old is too young to learn to shampoo the carpet?
    • Do you think the carpenter was right – should we have pulled the carpet first?
    • Do you think that little Zach should learn to mop and wax the new hardwood floor?

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