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Home Amelioration – The Act of Making Something Better.

Storage Bench to Organize Clutter

Mom entered her daughter Lisa’s room to put the laundry away and tripped over scattered shoes and clothing on the bedroom floor nearly dropping theMessy Bedroom 1 folded clothes in her hand. Anger was her reaction because she has askedĀ her daughter to pick up and clean her room repeatedly. Lisa’s reaction superseded mom’s anger reaction when she quickly jumped from her bed and ran to mom’s rescue to make sure she was okay.

Before Mom had a chance to say anything or react in any way. Lisa apologized to her Mom and said, “My friend, Anna, has a window seat storage bench in her room. It helps her keep her room organized.” Mom’s reaction was, “I have asked you repeatedly to clean your room. What will it take for you to keep your room clean?”

Mom and Lisa discussed how much more organized Lisa’s room would be and how simple it would be for Dad and Mom to create the bench as they continued to put the laundry away. Mom suggested that they clear the stuff from the bedroom floor together to get ready for the new project that Dad was about to start.

Window Seat to Double as a Guest Bed

Dad was passing Lisa’s room and overheard the conversation about how dad can make a window seat for the room. Dad poked his head in saying, “Did I hear my name mentioned?” Both mom and Lisa began speaking at the same time until dad stopped them and of course mom went first. Lisa Window Seatpromised to keep her room clean when she gets her window seat with a place to organize her stuff.

Lisa, lays in her bed every night imagining and fantasizing as if she already has her window seat that will double as a guest bed for her friends when she has a sleep over. Lisa imagined that she was star gazing and trying to make shapes out of the stars or watching cars go by or using her laptop. Lisa even imagined her friends throwing small rocks at the window to get her attention.

Not Going to Happen!

Time to choose the design and look of the next project. Checked online for some ideas. Get your step by step handy book of plans ready for the project and specifications of what will be needed to complete the project. Mom wants to go so she can help pick out some things too.

Okay Men, Tell me why ladies tend to always go overboard. Mom says, “Well, if we are going to make a window bench we will need to get new curtains for the window to match the cushions on the bench and the Window Seat - No Waybedspread….” Dad’s response, “NOT, That is definitely not needed. Cushions yes, matching curtains and bedspread – No.”

While at Lowes Home Improvement Store, Mom thought it would be a good idea to get cushions and throw pillows for the guest bed. But, Dad was not going for that. A heated discussion began between the two of them, well it was more like a quiet argument between Mom and Dad because they were still in the store.

It Happened – Mom Got Her Way!

The ride home was so quiet in the car you could hear the sound of your own breathing, which was not difficult because Mom was heated and she was breathing hard. Mom did not get the matching cushions to match to the curtains as she wanted to do. Then, suddenly Mom said, “Wait, stop the car, pull over right here!” Dad did it and did not question what she was up to.

Then, Dad saw what she saw and he did not object to both of them going Window Seat - Happy Mominside of Joann’s Fabric Store to look around for material to used to make the matching window, bed and bench coverings. Mom could not stop talking about what she plans to do to help with this project.

Mom told Dad that she purchased more than enough material to make curtains, bedding and cushions covers with the leftover material she would cover anything else in the room. When she finally took a breath, Dad interrupted to discuss the type of bench he has chosen to make for Lisa’s room. Mom and Dad both agreed on the plan dad chose.

What a Beautiful Outcome

Dad took all the parts and pieces to his work shop {aka Man Cave} and Mom took the material and supplies she needed to her sewing room. This should be an easy project with eight pieces of wood in conjunction with mom’s cushions, bedding and curtains.

Mom and Lisa put the curtain up and the bed throw on the bed to match the cushions for the window seat when Dad has it all completed.

Dad put the bench together in sections it in his work shop and then reassemble it again in Lisa’s room. Dad allowed Lisa to help with her new bedroom apparatus.

Dad and Lisa secured the storage bench to the wall next to the window. The finishing touch included drawers and shelves that Dad added to the benchWindow Seat - Final Product to make it more usable Mom came in and added the cushion with ties and Velcro that attaches to each part of the bench to avoid sliding.

Lisa, has a place for her frequently worn shoes, and a drawer that she chose to use for personal clothing. There was another place for her laptop with a charging port. This was better than her friend’s Anna’s Window seat.

Now, it is Your Turn

Window Seat - CTA Engage FactorPlease share YOUR personal project. Use the comment section below to tellĀ us about a project you remember to be fun or funny.

    • Did it work out for you?
    • Did you totally botch it up?
    • Was there a part that you had to do differently to make it your own creation?

We look forward to reading your tips and quick stories that you add to our comments.

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