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What Are You Going to Do?

Baby crying, Kids arguing and fighting, Wife nagging, All while you are trying to Work From Home to keep a roof over their heads. Your home office gives you a tremendous idea and it hits you like a brick from the sky, Ideas for a Man Cave. That is it. Your mind begins racing with ideas, first you must decide which room you will take over to be your Man Cave.

Then what you will put in the Man Cave to make it you own personal space. The excitement builds even more. A permanent smile has appeared on your face with a reassuring sign of confidence in your attitude. While you say loudly “I am going to do it!”

COVID19 Got You Homebound?

The kids running around from their bedroom, through the dining room, jumping over furniture in the living room just to get to the refrigerator. You know that when Pieone child does something the next one does it too. Then, here comes child number two doing just about the same thing but this time while at the refrigerator they start to argue over the last slice of pie.

They began the tug-of-war with the pie and it hits the floor. The youngest child takes off and run away to tell the parents what his brother has done. He forgot to admit the “tug-of-war” part and that he had a part in it too. Another argument starts this time in the presence of both parents.

The other child, picks up the pie and grabs the first towel he sees and smears it across the floor then put the pieces from the pie in the trash and takes off running back through the house, from the kitchen, to the living room, through the dining room and finally makes it to his bedroom with a new slice of pie that was found hidden in the fridge.

Seclude Yourself and Love It!

You began to think. What would I need for my Man Cave? You walk around theĀ house looking for things to bring into your man cave. Your first thought is to bring your favorite recliner and television. You think to yourself if that is all I have I will be fine too. But, your mind races on and you think “how can I be in my man cave without a mini fridge for my drinks.

Well, with drinks a table will be needed. You found the perfect dual pool table that doubles as a space table and a pool table in one. Humm, that is something I can make myself.

What else can I make myself? A Magazine caddy, bar stools, oh – gotta have the “Enter at Your Own Risk” sign. Maybe, I can add a chest set to the table that I am about to make. A murphy bar, that is a hidden bar that is not visible to the naked eye. I like it. Your permanent smile changes to a mischievous grin as your thought start to come together.

Break it to Your Wife ????

You have made your wife’s favorite dinner. Three meat Lasagna, from start to Breaking Newsfinish. You add a tossed salad and some red wine to top it off {lemonade, for the kids}. The family sit down for dinner and your wife has a confused look on her face and thank you for such a great dinner. You can tell that she is wondering what is going on and you decide It is now time to discuss your new-found desire with your wife and kids. You know that she is going to shoot it down, but you are prepared to answer any rebuttal that you know she will say.

Got an Answer for That…

    • “What about me? I want a sewing room”
    • “I was thinking that Dale needs his own room now”
    • “We can use it as a guest room”
    • “We will never see you anymore”

Then, the question you dread the most

  • “Maybe, you and I can share the room. You have half and I will have the other half”
  • NOOOOOO!!!!! That would defeat the whole purpose of having a man cave.

Smile Turned Upside Down

Being married for more than 15 years. You know that your wife will come around and agree with you to have your own man cave if you appear to be sad longMan Cave - Upside Down Smile enough. There may be a few strings attached but that is okay because after time those strings will break and you can get away from it all. The thought of sound proofing your room even came to mind.

What are the strings… Here goes. Your wife gives you a budget and tell you not to spend too much money buying stuff for your man cave. Your response, “I will fund this project myself and keep a running tab”. When you know the majority of the items that will be in you man cave are going to be woodworking projects.

The Final Outcome

Well, the room that was chosen is used for storage. So, the first wood working project has nothing to do with your man cave it is an outside storage unit {aka Shed} to put all the junk that is in your man cave, garage, closets and unused kitchenware too. This project is a rush job, if only you had plans for building a storage unit in the backyard.

Actually, while building this awesome wooden storage unit in the back yard it has become your “get away place” and you are enjoying it as much as you imagined enjoying your man cave. What better way to get some “me” time. Hummm, you have a place to make units to put in your man cave.

Man Cave - 1

Now, it is time to clean and paint your indoor man cave. You decide to put wood paneling in your man cave to give the room a distinctive manly look that is ready for your Hidden Murphy Bar to be mounted to the wall. You take a look at all the furniture you have created to save money. As you look around, your man cave has become your perfect hide out. Just as you imagined.

Please share YOUR personal project. Use the comment section below to tellĀ us about a project you remember to be fun or funny.

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