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Seasoned Craftsman {or woman} or maybe, you are a beginner and just starting out with woodworking. Either way you are in for a treat, now that you have discovered how Home Woodworking Projects can change your prospective on how to change your home interior and exterior for the better {aka Amelioration}. Make your home the place to be for sports, holidays and just because gatherings.Sport Gathering

You will find out how simple it can be to build simple projects to advanced back yard task using a step-by-step plan. When you hire a carpenter, they will come to your home and get measurements and give you an estimate {ouch}. When they come back they have a plan already sketched out {can be done easily now using some type of CAD program}. Do you Agree?

My Current Project ~ DIY Doggie Door

Let me tell you a little about my dog Honey. She has been in our family for the past 15 years. Yes, we have had her since she was 7 weeks old. We trained her to bark at the door to go out to potty. Over the years she has trained us to open the door when we see her sitting there. Well, we are not always around when she is sitting at the door.

Honey has began to have potty accidents inside the house. Imagine, walking around your home and stepping in some poop. YUK! or slipping in something wet. Ewe! What are my options? We tried to retrain her using the Pet Trainer Pads. Honey looked at the pads wondering “why is that there” The other option was to get doggie diapers, she would not keep them on and that can be costly. My final thought is that it is time for another DIY Project, the Doggie Door.

The cause may be because in her old age she just can not hold it like she did when she was younger. So, it is time for Honey to have her very own Doggie Door. My first thought is “Oh, that will be an easy one”. After watching multiple YouTube videos I started to have second thoughts and maybe I need a set of plans before I start.

DIY Home Projects ~ Making Honey’s Very Own DoorDoggie Door 3

One problem I foresee is Honey will be able to go out whenever she wants and when no one is home she barks at the trucks that pass by or people she hear talking.

Now, locating the correct detailed plan to make the perfect doggie door may {or may not} be hard to find. Complexed or simple projects for any need may be difficult to even seasoned woodworkers. Searching for the correct detailed plan can be an unwanted task that can cause anyone to lose interest in completing that task.

When you think you have finally found that plan and begin to implement it, you find that something is just not right. That is because some magazines, online instructions or online videos may have omitted some minor steps {because they believe you should already know that part} and leave you lost on where you went wrong {it is not you}. Do not let your dream project disappear.

Woodworking Home Improvement {aka Amelioration}

I know there are a lot of things that I would like to attempt and/or try again. I found a huge collection of woodworking plans to help in any aspect of Home Improvement which includes some videos, how to build benches, home furniture, dog houses {&doors;}, beds, bird feeder and so much more.

Now, let’s switch the focus from me to you. I know your are an avid woodworker or will be soon. Tell me about some of your home improvements or dreams that you have completed or attempted to complete. I would like to hear about the ones that made you proud and the ones that made you laugh and the ones that made you realize that a schematic or plan would have helped a lot.

If you’re planning to start a home woodworking project. Tell me what works for you.

The Gathering Place StorySport Gathering 3

You are excited that your home team made it to the Superbowl. Yay, Every year you and friends gather at your best friend Mark’s house to watch the game and this year the group voted to have the next Superbowl at your home. You sit there with a fake smile as you wonder and begin to plan already what you have to do to make your home the gathering place. What do you do?

Start by deciding if you want to entertain your guest inside your home or in the back yard. The wife says the inside is for the ladies and children so the decision is made for you. Now, you have an entire year to prepare for the next Super Bowl gathering. The more you build the better your wood making skills become.

You know that your backyard is big enough to have this gathering, but it is plain. Suggestions: A wooden gazebo smack dab in the center of the back yard and build around it would be a nice start. A wooden walk way to the gazebo from each direction and to the nice outside bar you have decided to build and as you look around you find many other things that would make your home amelioration, unique and stand out while being the envy of so many others.

Superbowl day has come again and you are ready. As your friends arrive and ask where to put the Ice and beer that they¬† came with, you tell them to put it in the fridge in the back yard. Jeff says, “Fridge in the back yard?”, Wooden Cabinet 5You say, “Yes, I will show you because it appears to be a big antique wooden box”. When Jeff steps into the back yard he is flabbergasted. Then you tell him “I’ve been busy and I am not finished yet”. When the whole gang arrives, you can see the astonishment in each one face as they admire your newly developed¬† craftsmanship and good work.

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