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It is a beautiful Saturday morning and Dad decides to make a family venture to go fishing for driftwood. Time for a family discussion about driftwood furniture ideas which is the reason for the trip to this fishing spot. Gather the wife, kids, some picnic foods, bread, peanut butter and jelly, chips and apples for snacks, cereal bars for breakfast and plenty of fluids {water}. Wipes {& do not forget the toilet paper}.

A long drive to a secluded fishing hole that no one knows about. You tell the family, “We are here to search for drift wood to used to make some home projects.” This can be done while some of us are fishing and others will just seek usable pieces of driftwood. Stay close do not go too far.

That Old Piece of Junk?

Drift wood can easily be mistaken for a piece of junk, when in actuality it can be a masterpiece. Masterpieces have been created from the most useless items and Driftwood 1have become a captivating work of art. Have you ever heard the saying “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”? That is because everyone does not see things the same way. “Half full or half empty?” Sound familiar?

Now, let us imagine the bigger the piece of drift wood and what can be done with it. With bigger pieces more creative projects can be made.
That does not mean the medium and small pieces of drift wood are not useful. They are. It can be used to secure and enhance the bigger pieces that will be used.

Watch Out for Bugs

Well, it would not be right for me to not warn you about the possibilities of bugs that may be found in that old drift wood you just found. The wood has been drifting for quite some time, months or maybe years since the time that it broke Wood Bugs 1away from the main source, tree branch or maybe a root in the stream.

That is what happens when a piece of unused wood is not used for a while. Insects, bugs and rodents find it and make it their home. Then people come along and get it and use it for their own purposes. Make sure you examine, clean, then cover the wood pieces with plastic before putting it into your vehicle to take home.

Thoughts of Your Masterpiece

The long drive back from the secluded fishing hole give you and the family time to determine what will be done with all the drift wood you have acquired. Now, is the time to brainstorm and figure out what can be made from the collection of wood you now have in your possession.

The family shout out several ideas of what to create and make with the wood thenChoices your wife makes a list of some of the most popular suggestions. Maybe it can be used to make a;

  • lamp – a table lamp for each side of your sofa or a dual floor lamps for the bedroom
  • book shelf – well, you know that bookshelves are not use for books anymore
  • headboard – a headboard with or without the matching bookshelf
  • floor standing mirror — to make sure your wife is as beautiful as she knows she is 🙂
  • a mirror frame – extra driftwood can be used to make a frame for a mirror or picture
  • coat rack — hang your items here, coats, hats, keys – what ever you choose.
  • candle holder – be careful – wood burns

and the list goes on and on. Now, that you have the drift wood at home and it is now time to narrow down your choice of what you have chosen to do with the new-found wood. You and your family have chosen to create something that is not listed above. Now, that you have thought outside the box. This may cause you to have a bit more challenge to complete but that is okay because you are an advance wood worker.

Driftwood Furniture into Action

The final decision has been made. Now, that you have decided to make a set of end tables and a coffee table from the drift wood you found. Now, that you know all the bugs are out of the wood – what next?

A trip to the local hardware store to get some shellac to be used as a protective coating for your drift wood. Use of a bristle brush for application is suggested and a cotton rag will serve the same purpose. I learned in wood class many years ago, in high school, that using shellac is the most common finish to apply.

While you are at the store grab a package of multi-sized fasteners {nails, screws and wood glue}. You get home with everything you need to get started but the sun has gone doShellacwn so, you go into your working quarters and grab some paper and begin writing your plans.

The thought cross your mind on how much easier this would be if you already had a simple set of plans that would guide you step by step. You check online, but the instructions are a bit complicated and not as easy as it appears online. What do you do next? Get started with your own design and see what happens. Remember, this is driftwood and it is supposed to look unique.

Unique Yes – Crazy No!!Crazy

Well, are they not the same? That is correct – they are not the same. Having a unique piece of artwork as furniture you will be the envy of all your friends, family and neighbors. It will be crazy not to use the new-found way of creating a family masterpiece for your home.

Top it off with a unique shaped glass topping then stand back and enjoy your crazy but unique coffee table and end tables made by you and your family. When you and the family are sitting around the table you can reminisce on the safe family time spent gathering the driftwood to create an astonishing accomplishment.

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6 thoughts on “Driftwood Furniture Ideas – Junk or Masterpiece?”

  1. Hi,

    Very interesting article, I go to so many treks every year and I see so many pieces of driftwood lying around however never really thought that it can turn out to be unique masterpiece. I hope to find a ‘piece of art’ for my drawing room the next time I go for a trek – Thanks for sharing your tips, really liked it 🙂

  2. I’ve made a few woodworking projects over the years, have never considered using driftwood before. An interesting concept though, definitely a unique option. Something to think about for my next project and be creative with the design.

  3. Thanks so much for this post. Really interesting and I am glad I came across your post. Since I have so much time in my hands due to the COVID19 my kids and I will look at doing a project together. Never thought I could make so much out of driftwood until now. Thanks, heaps !!

  4. Hello Cynthia,

    Your article is very interesting.
    I am fascinated at all the things that you can use driftwood to make. Does this require that you are skilled in this craft or could someone like myself take this on as a hobby?



  5. You have such a detailed post that paints the picture so well. I like how you started from arriving to the scene with the family and picking up driftwood and going into the ride back, that was awesome. I didn’t think you could do so much with driftwood.

    When driftwood came to mind it would usually be the bugs inside of it which you covered well and how to make sure it’s clean before packing it in the car. It would be cool to get the family together on our next fishing trip to pick up some driftwood and make a coffee table or a similar project.

    I found your article very useful, thank you very much!

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