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Honey Dew
Honey Dew

Oh no, why did I ask? Honey, just think, we could add some door and window molding to our new home. You must admit, that would add a spice of life. My heart is pounding in my chest like the beat to my favorite song. Anticipation of hearing the final news of being a homeowner. As the day gets closer, I just cannot wait! I have so many ideas and questions.

Mortgage payment will be less than our rent payment. Looking forward to that. No more getting permission from the property manager to make improvements inside our home. Still, have to have permission from the HOA for any new yard work.

There are so many things I wanted to add to my home while it was still being built. Mind BogglineBut every time I have an idea and make a suggestion the price increase. So, we will have to be DIY’ers and add improvements ourselves. I just cannot stop thinking of the many ways we are going to make our home unique.

Spice Up Our New Home

We walked through our current home (that we are renting) and realized that most of the furniture we have will actually work in our new home and a lot we will have to have a yard sale and give the rest to charity. Even though, we have more Spice of Life  space in our new house we do not want to bring unnecessary things with us. Out with the old and in with the new.

  • Master Bedroom – will have a rustic look,
  • Girls Room – horses and unicorns wall decor,
  • Boys Room – galaxy and space decor,
  • Office (Mom’s Get Away),
  • a Den (Man Cave).

Heads Up – Cell Phone Down

Standing around waiting for the elevator doors to open. I stepped in and pressed “6” for my floor and stepped back for others to press their button. Just as I stepped back got a text and began texting back and forth and did not notice I Elevator passed my floor and most of the people got off the elevator except a few well-dressed people carrying what looked to be laptops in cases. As they exited the elevator, I followed them out so I could get back on the elevator to get to my floor. But, as I stepped out and looked around the beauty of the law firm suite overwhelmed me. I could not believe how beautiful everything was. I felt obviously under dressed. It looked like something I would see on TV. Missing my floor was a blessing. This was amazing.

Spectacular Design

There were so many mirrors, that made the place look bigger. There was a hallway to the left with glass offices on both sides. A big open space with high back chairs that appears to be very comfortable. They may have been massaging chairs. There were live and artificial plants everywhere. The uniquely shaped aquarium was filled with Glo Fish, that literally glowed with the special lighting that was on the tank. There was some beautiful wall decor that was a sight for sore eye.

Then smack dab in the middle of all the beautiful pictures and wall decor was the ugliest pictures I have ever seen in my entire life. But, it caught my eye because of the uniqueness and where it was strategically placed. However, what caught my eyes most of all was the way the doors and windows had molding around each one of them. It gave the office a look of elegance. That is what I want in my new home.

As I stood outside the elevator doors, it felt as if my jaw dropped all the way down to my shoes. There was probably a little drool on my shoes as well. I slowly began to walk in the direction of the receptionist desk, as if I belong there and notice more spectacular decoration throughout the office.

RestroomWhen I reached the receptionist desk, I did not know what to say. So I requested to use the restroom to see what it looked like in there. Of course, I loved it. I could not help thinking if I worked here I would be in the restroom relaxing all the time. I went back out and intentionally went the wrong way to see the break room but someone approached me and asked if I needed help to find someone. He quickly redirected me to the receptionist desk. I gathered some business cards and told her that my spouse and I are seeking an attorney. I quickly gathered a few different cards and hurried back to the elevators to avoid being late for work.

Thoughts Become Ideas

My mind began racing. Thoughts and ideas began to flow freely. I was taking mental pictures of this beautiful office (I dare not pull out my phone and really take pictures) they may have called security and had me literally thrown out of the building. I had to think of a way to get back into this office so I can steal some more of the decorating tips for our new home.

After work, I went home and shared my findings and we decided to go to the law firm as a couple. We were both amazed at the decorating style used in this officeDoor Frame Molding. Our first thought was to ask about their interior decorator. But, who needs an interior decorator when we can just get the ideas and DIY it at our new home. We Googled DIY mirror decor and duplicated some of them. Then we looked up other things and did that as well. Everything that we could think of we did.

No, we do not want our home to look like a law firm. But, we surely want the design to be used when putting together our home. The drapes were unique but look simple. The floors were wood in the high traffic area with carpet inlay in the waiting area. OMG I love this place.

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