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Books n Doors Galore

A loud squeal come from the garage, the family quickly ran to the garage to find out what has happened. Your son was searching through boxes and moved oneBook shelf in a door - Scorpion and a scorpion scurried away. Fortunately, it was a non-poisonous scorpion. As you look around the house {and garage} you realize something needs to be done with all the boxes of books. A bookshelf in a door would be a great way to display the multitude of books in your home.

A heated discussion between you and your wife about the many books in your home. Your wife says, “we need to do something with all the books we have.” Then your wife had what she thought was a brilliant idea and says, “Maybe we can sell some of them online for a bit of extra cash.” your response was, “I do not think that is a good idea” and your wife tries to convince you to at least try it.

Then, you break down and say, “Well, okay, we will begin with all the romance novels you have, I am sure they will sell well and fast.” Then, suddenly a decision Book shelf in a door - Romanceto give the bookshelf a try to organize the books and display for all to see was agreed upon. Do you know what my wife had the audacity to say? She said, “Yes, then we can try to sell the books in bundles for a package rate.” Of course, I did not agree but I was quiet and let her think I agreed.

Your wife agreed that the organized books on a shelf is actually a great idea. Over the years we have collected, self-help books, children books, my wife favorite during her pregnancies were Historical Romance novels {fiction of course}, reference {yes, we have a set of encyclopedias}, my favorite type of books are mysteries, bible stories and the list goes on.

Books are a source of knowledge. When books are thrown away it is like tossing knowledge out the window. Displaying books throughout the home {maybe a corner shelf – here and there} shows a home filled with knowledge and a place to reference and recollect the knowledge.

Book shelf in a door - Out the window

Need More Space

No, more space is not needed but a creative mind is always the best way to use what you have and make things better {ameliorate it}. What do you have? Start counting the doors in your home and decide which will be better used as book shelves and trinket shelf to show off your book collection and delicate items.

Kitchen bookshelf will display cook books and fragile dishes, you know the kind you only pull out when you have special guest on holidays. Your entry way closet door can double as a place to put shoes as you enter your home {to keep your carpet clean}. Half bathroom door, no one need to know you have a bathroom as you enter your home. That door would be the perfect place to display your book collection.

The top shelves of your door bookshelf that is unreachable may be used for fake books. Yes, that is right. All bookshelf doors are not real but have a real look.Book shelf in a door -Book shelf If you and your family are not avid book readers but like the idea of the bookshelf but do not have enough books to fill the shelves. What do you do? Use fake books or go to a second hand store and purchase books to put on your shelf.

Hide A Room – Your Secret Place

Have you ever thought about hiding a room? Yes, what better way to hide a room than to disguise the entry to a room as a book shelf? It can be a secret door that lead to your man cave or your wife’s sewing room. Make sure no one else is around to find your secret place.

Putting It All Together

Time for that trip to the hardware store again. Before you go, you began to search for your handy dandy step-by-step book of plans that will show you everything you need to complete the project of changing your door into a book shelf.

You search the books in the bedroom boxes, it is not in there. You search the box of books that are in the closet. Then an idea light goes off and you decide to check the garage boxes of books. As you search you realize how much you need this book case and putting it on a door that is not used much is a perfect idea. Still did not find that book of plans.

Luckily, you also have a soft copy of the book on your computer. As you enter your man cave to access the online plans when you sit at your computer – What do you see, just sitting there? Your book of plans. Do you just hate when that happens? Yuk! But, you find the list of items that you need to create your project.

Final Culmination

The decision was made to use the door to the small room under the stairs for your Book shelf in a door - Under Stairs 2new project. You have all the supplies you need to create this masterpiece. You removed the door and placed it in your workshop. Now you grab your new Rotorazer saw to put it to the test to cut the perfect area of the door for the bookshelf to fit into.

Replace the door using the heavy-duty door hinge then place the pre-assembled bookshelf into the opening in the door and secure it. It sounds easy but this was probably the most difficult part of the project. There are holes drilled into the walls of the bookshelf to allow for shelves to be adjustable. Place all the pieces together and remember to use a slide bar on each shelf to prevent books from falling easily.

The project has been completed and adding the books to the shelf has become a family project. The family stands back and admire the finished product. It is loved by the entire family.

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