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Home Amelioration – Fishy Start

Fresh or Salt?

Last night at the dinner table the entire family sat around and began discussing the fun things the family did pre-Covid. One thing that stood out in everyones mind was the trip to the Zoo and Aquarium Park. There is an aquarium in the Aquarium Stand 0garage that needs a little love. We can inquire about Aquarium Furniture Stands to find out if it would be more economical to purchase one or to make our own.

I can imagine, sitting in front of an aquarium and watching the fish swim for hours. One of the children asked “can we have fish like Spongebob Square Pants?” Which got a heated discussion started. Another child says, “That is not real!” As parents, you can imagine the rest of the story.

The discussion was abruptly changed when the kids saw Dad and Mom struggling to get the aquarium through the door from the garage that leads into the kitchen. Finally, the aquarium was inside the house for measurements, cleaning and to get an idea where it will be after the stand is complete.

Would a TV Stand Serve The Same Purpose?

It was suggested to use a TV stand for the aquarium. That is NOT a good idea. That would not work even if the aquarium remained empty and used as a terrarium with no water, just plants. Once, there is water added to the aquarium Aquarium Stand 5the weight will increase significantly and would crush the TV stand to pieces {okay, fine – unless it is a very small aquarium}.

So, the use of a TV stand is definitely not an option. What about using a bookshelf? Maybe, that would depend on how the book shelf is made. It must be durable and sturdy. You should go online for ideas and prices to purchase an aquarium stand. The more you surf the internet the more the prices seems to creep up, which helped you to decide that the best option is to make it yourself.

Time for you to pull out you book of plans and began looking through the pages. There was one thing that each plan had in common – to use heavy, strong, wooden slabs for the beam to support the aquarium. Have you ever noticed when homes are being built, the first thing you notice are the wooden beams to support the house before the siding is put on.

That same concept is needed for an aquarium stand to be strong and durable.

Important Facts

There are measures to keep in mind.

  • Make sure the foundation of your home can withstand the weight of an aquarium filled with water and the stand that is built to hold it.
  • If you live in an apartment be sure to check with management to make sure the structure is strong enough to support the weight of the aquarium. {50 or more gallons}
    • You may be required to be on the ground level.
  • Older homes tend to have old wood that may not be able to support your new project.
    • Have a contractor check in the crawlspace under your home for possible decaying or damaged wood.
  • Newly built homes have a strong foundation that should support heavy furniture
    • Second level homes should also be checked for stability
  • Aquarium Stand Cracked 4 Aquarium Stand Cracked 3 Aquarium Stand Cracked 2

Social Distancing – Seriously?


Another trip to the local hardware store. When you arrive you go to the main entrance {where you always enter} and there is an employee standing there to redirect you to the end of the line. You stop and look way out there and began walking as others are doing the same thing. You find out that because of “Social Distancing” the store is only allowing thirty people in the store at a time.

Keep in mind that it is better to have too many 2 x 4’s than not enough.

Once inside the store you make your way to the lumber section and get the lumber, nails, screws, clamps and other things you need. You search around for someone to cut your wood like they usually do – but, find out they are not staffedAquarium Stand Social to do that at this time. So you go purchase a small saw-horse. Luckily, you already have an electric saw that would serve the purpose.

The aquarium stand that you chose is simple and easy to complete. Although, the one you really wanted has a canopy that can be added later. You take all the tools and wood slabs to your man cave. Sort it out and place everything where you need it and in the order it will be needed.


You have a picture of the finished product taped to the white board and you began piece by piece and step by step. The instructions are so clear with no confusion. Now, it is time to take each completed section out of your man cave and put it together in the living room {away from direct sunlight}.

The aquarium stand is complete. It looks more like an all wood entertainment center, complete with doors and shelves to keep the aquarium supplies. Now, it is time for decoration and to add the fish. Your youngest daughter still want to have sponge bob in her aquarium.

The decor and fish are added and all have names from the sponge bob cartoon. There is even a crab in the tank. Mom put a star fish as part of the decor. Mom is amazed how great the stand looks and how easy it is to organize where all the  supplies will be. She gives you Kudos for a job well done.Aquarium Stand 2

Just as you imagined, hours of delightful fish watching is like therapy because you have the opportunity to leave your world and pretend you know exactly what each fish is thinking. Why does one fish go from one side of the tank to the other and back again? While other fish appear to be eating “nothing” from the gravel.

Share your aquarium project in the comments below – I would love to hear about it.

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  1. Great article good use of words and the way it is written in general it kept me interested throughout and wanting to read more!
    Very good, 🙂

  2. Hello, I have found your amazing article and have chosen to leave a few comments.
    Thank you for sharing the experience, you made a job sound like a fun family building project!
    Why does it seem like hardware stores are now even busier and less workers than pre – Covid-19? Are many people bored from staying home so they go shopping for home improvement projects?
    Regarding Spongebob Square Pants, I agree with you that when children get an idea in their mind they can be stubborn and want it to be their way!

  3. Hi Cynthia – very fun story of your family fish tank stand quest. I can completely understand your trip to the hardware store during the social distancing. We waited over an hour, Yikes!! But back to how cute your family named their fishes, added their favorite fish tank decor, and all of you were enjoying this new project during a tough time. It does my heart good to hear stories like your’s. Thank you for sharing. Keep healthy.
    Nancy M Hamar

  4. Even though I am not into fish tanks, it was an easy and fun reading. Funny enough, I am thinking about getting a fish tank now. Very well done. I loved it.

  5. Excellent article, well written and great at informing us about the topic, have booked marked this page in fact !
    Many thanks Jason

  6. Hi! I love the story at the beginning of the post – I feel like I know you and your family a little more now! A really informative read that would help anyone wanting a fish tank like this. Thanks for sharing.

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