All Wood Bathroom Vanity – Should be Easy – Right?


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Model Home Communities

You and your family love touring new model home communities. It is one of the best free family fun things you all love doing. The completion of the required documentation to enter the homes has been done and the family is ready to go into the first model home. In this community the homes are made with a unique Victorian style. Victorian StyleThe family all begin together looking through the house and taking pictures to pretend this is their home. Each child has claimed their potential bedroom, while mom is taking pictures of the all wood bathroom vanity in each home.

While driving home, You and your wife discuss the new ideas that came from this tour that would ameliorate your current home. The wife and I were about to hit the hay for the night. After, a few discussions about my “Honey Do” list {that my wife seems to keep updated}. My wife walked from the bathroom while brushing her teeth. She says, “You know what would be a good project for you to start?” My mind raced thinking of all the things that I could think of – that she would like.

I had no idea what she said because she was brushing her teeth. But, I agreed with her as if I heard her clearly. My wife comes out of the bathroom several times, she goes to the dresser {to get something} and back into the bathroom and then remembers that her original reason for coming out of the bathroom was to get a gown to sleep in for the night from the closet. Then her mumbled request for a vanity came to me and I agreed again.

Great Ideas From Pillow Talk

My wife talked about the multiple vanities that she saw today. Okay, tell me exactly what you would like your vanity to look like. Then she began rambling on, like an out of control freight train, saying all sort of stuff. I had to stop her and tell her, “wait, wait, wait! How about we do it this way. You make a list of everything you want the bathroom vanity to look like and have.”

My wife said, “I will do better than that, I have pictures that I will send to your Vanity 1phone and I will also print them out because I want my vanity to be unique and have something from each picture that I took today.”, Then she continued talking, this time she slowed down a bit. She said, “You know that empty space around the bathroom sink?

I would like for that to be where my vanity would go.” She continued, “I would also like to have lots of space to put all of my belongings maybe we can attach a small closet at one end of the vanity. She continued, “oh wait we can even have a place for your stuff but of course I want it to be mine.

Here is her final thought. So the vanity would look like a long Dresser with drawers instead of doors and it would start around the sink and expand outwards all the way from the sink to the bathtub. I could see the excitement in my wife’s eyes and hear it in her voice as she continued.

I was getting sleepy and sort of wished she would stop talking, I did not stop her as she was speaking, I just said, “um hum”, “okay” and “that sounds good”. Sleeping ManThe last thing I heard her say, “I am so excited I know that this project is going to keep you busy for a long time and I will do whatever I can to help, just let me know”. The next thing I knew I was waking up the next morning.


Hardware Store

You look through your book of plans and find the perfect plan to take your bathroom from plain to extravagant. The measurements have been noted. The supplies have been ordered from the hardware store, luckily because of the restrictions and social distance, you are able to drive up and the workers come to hardware storeyour truck – you pop the trunk and they put all your supplies in the back. You are grateful the sales rep convinced you to purchase a vanity kit.

With a kit you know you will get everything you need to put together the perfect vanity for your wife and you can modify it to be exactly what she wants.

Your wife reminds you that it must have a place for towels, sheets, medicine, cleaning supplied and it must be out of sight.

Putting it All Together

The thought comes to mind to put the vanity together in your man cave to avoid distractions and to get it done faster. Oh No! There is stuff everywhere, these instructions are confusing, there seems to be parts missing then you think to yourself “I know I am doing it right”.

You search for your book of plans and seek out a vanity for step-by-step easy to follow and understand instructions. You call the hardware store to advise that something must be missing and they offer to pre-assemble a vanity set for a discounted fee. You tell them you will think about it because you do not want you wife to think you are incompetent.

You know you can do this and finally have all the pieces ready to assemble in the master bathroom – without the help from the hardware people.

The Power of the WIFE.

Time to clean my man cave and move all the parts to the bathroom. Now, this is the easy part. You have placed all the parts in the bathroom in the order they will be put together. You tell your wife, “I need your help now”. Because, you want her to feel useful and to give her the impression that she helped with the vanity from the ideas of the model homes we visited.

You did not realize that your wife had skills to do the things that she did to help. She put the slides on all the drawers, Woman of Powershe put the magnets in place on the two doors that hide the pipes under the sink. She actually told me about things I did not think she knew. The next project she wants me to do for her will be a Joint Venture for both of us to enjoy.

Now it is your turn to share your project with us in the comments. Share a project you have completed {or is currently working on} – was it easy, difficult or a welcomed challenge?

3 thoughts on “All Wood Bathroom Vanity – Should be Easy – Right?”

  1. Hey,

    An all wood bathroom is something that we have been talking about having since last year. But we just haven’t gotten around to it. I love your ideas in this very informative article. I’ll be discussing them with my girlfriend and I’ll let you know what she thinks. She will probably have the final say anyway 🙂

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    All the best,


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