Door and Window Molding a Spice of Life


Ameliorate Your Home Get It Ready Now ~ Honey Dew List Oh no, why did I ask? Honey, just think, we could add some door and window¬†molding to our new home. You must admit, that would add a spice of life. My heart is pounding in my chest like the beat to my favorite song. […]

Wood Flooring With Carpet Inlay ~ Must See This


Three weeks earlier. Are You Serious? Honey, What Are You Doing? Mom walks in the door and finds Dad teaching their 8-year old son {Zach} how to shampoo the carpet. Yeah, that’s right. The handle of the shampooer is almost as tall as Zach. Mom and her other children stand there for a while amazed […]

Window Seat Storage Bench – Guest Bed?


Home Amelioration – The Act of Making Something Better. Storage Bench to Organize Clutter Mom entered her daughter Lisa’s room to put the laundry away and tripped over scattered shoes and clothing on the bedroom floor nearly dropping the folded clothes in her hand. Anger was her reaction because she has asked¬†her daughter to pick […]

Bookshelf in a Door – Multiple Uses


Home Amelioration – The art of making things better. Books n Doors Galore A loud squeal come from the garage, the family quickly ran to the garage to find out what has happened. Your son was searching through boxes and moved one and a scorpion scurried away. Fortunately, it was a non-poisonous scorpion. As you […]

Teds Woodworking Reviews – Genuine Truth


  Teds woodworking reviews to create woodworking projects easy and quick!   I stumbled upon a website with more than 16,000 downloadable carpentry / woodworking plans – a woodworker’s dream.   So, I decided to provide a genuine review of TedsWoodworking. Let us start with the Pros   Pros: {Great Things} Are you considering starting […]

Aquarium Furniture Stands – aka T.V. Stand??


Home Amelioration – Fishy Start Fresh or Salt? Last night at the dinner table the entire family sat around and began discussing the fun things the family did pre-Covid. One thing that stood out in everyones mind was the trip to the Zoo and Aquarium Park. There is an aquarium in the garage that needs […]

Teds Woodworking Review ~ Truth Revealed


The Largest Database in the World to find Woodworking Projects As a carpenter or woodworker, you may have noticed that completing a task can be difficult if you do not have the right custom plans that meet your specific needs. This is among the most widely recognized issues carpenters face today, however fortunately for you, […]

All Wood Bathroom Vanity – Should be Easy – Right?


Home Amelioration ~ The Art of Making Things Better. Model Home Communities You and your family love touring new model home communities. It is one of the best free family fun things you all love doing. The completion of the required documentation to enter the homes has been done and the family is ready to […]

Free Woodworking Projects and Plans –


Welcome to Home Amelioration.- Home Improvement with Wood Working Projects. Did You Say Free? That is right free – which of course will be buried within this blog to have you dig for the gold. I know you want it because it is priceless. Everyone {woodworker, that is} wants it. Get your Free Woodworking Projects […]

Garden Woodworking Projects – DIY Organic Spices


Home Amelioration ~ Making Thing’s Better Spice of Life for The Wife The smell of bacon filled the house on a beautiful sunny morning. Mom is in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the family. Mom has a cardboard egg carton with different spices growing in each section. Mom cuts from the plants that are growing […]